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Broken teeth can throw a wrench in your day, to say the least. Experiencing sudden, sharp pain and looking at the awkward gap in your smile in the mirror doesn’t do great things for your self-esteem. But having a broken tooth is more common than you might think.

Causes of Broken Teeth

Broken teeth can happen to anyone, and understanding what can cause it will help you take better care of your teeth in the future. In September 2020, endodontists in the U.S. reported seeing twice as many cracked teeth than they did the year before, as there was a rise in stress-related tooth damage due to the pandemic.

While stress can certainly be a factor, there are other ways that your teeth can get cracked or fractured. Here are some of the most common reasons why:

  • Trauma: Any blunt force applied directly to your mouth can cause damaging trauma to your teeth. Accidents happen, and a fall or an injury from contact sports can lead to chipped front teeth, split tooth incidents, or even completely fractured vertical scenarios. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when exercising or playing sports – proper protective gear like a mouthguard can help prevent any injuries.
  • Tooth decay: Tooth decay is another major cause for concern, as it leads to a weakened structure resulting from cavities left untreated over time, eroding enamel and eventually causing breakage near the gum line. Tooth decay usually stems from poor hygiene habits like irregular brushing and flossing, and consuming high amounts of sugar, as it creates the perfect environment for bacteria growth over time. 
  • Grinding Teeth (Bruxism): A less obvious yet equally damaging condition for your teeth is bruxism, more commonly known as grinding your teeth. You often grind your teeth unconsciously during sleep or in stressful situations. This habit puts excessive strain on your teeth, which can wear down and fracture over time.

How Do You Treat a Broken Tooth?

We know that dealing with broken or cracked teeth can be painful and stressful – we’re here to help.

If you’re in Surrey or Langley, it starts with a visit to our dental office in Cloverdale. First, one of our dentists will take a visual examination of your teeth. This isn’t just surface-level scrutiny; it involves looking out for signs such as gum line fractures that could hint at deeper problems like completely fractured vertical structures beneath chewing surfaces.

X-Ray Imaging: Seeing Beyond The Surface

An initial assessment may reveal visible abnormalities such as large cavities or split tooth conditions. However, sometimes physical examinations don’t provide all the answers, especially when symptoms persist despite no clear cause being identified yet.

To get more detailed insights into what’s happening inside your mouth, dentists resort to X-ray imaging techniques which can expose hidden details about internal damages left untreated over time. If standard check-ups and x-rays aren’t enough in providing clarity regarding persistent symptoms without any obvious causes, then additional diagnostic procedures come in handy. 

Pulp vitality tests are useful tools that help determine if natural healing processes within affected tissues have the potential to heal a tooth. This comprehensive approach ensures that every possible abnormality gets investigated thoroughly before deciding on the most suitable treatment plan, ensuring the best outcomes for patients dealing with irrevocably broken or severely damaged teeth.

Treatment Options for Broken Teeth

Having a fractured tooth can cause more than just discomfort and agony; it could also prevent you from doing your everyday activities. Thankfully, there are various treatment options available that can restore function to the affected tooth.

Dental Bonding or Composite Resin

If you’re dealing with chipped front teeth or cracked teeth without damage reaching down to the gum line, dental bonding might be an excellent solution. Also known as composite resin application, this procedure involves applying a filling material onto your damaged tooth and shaping it until it looks natural before hardening it using ultraviolet light. The beauty of this method lies in its simplicity: it is often completed within one visit and generally no need for anesthesia unless decay is present.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns may be another option to consider. A crown fully covers your damaged tooth above the gum line, restoring shape, size, and strength while improving its appearance too. Our porcelain crowns are custom-made to fit your teeth and protect weak teeth from further breakage.

Root Canal Treatment

In instances when breakage exposes nerves inside, causing extreme pain, a root canal treatment can provide relief. It involves the removal of infected pulp tissue as bacteria can infiltrate and cause infections.

Your dentist will clean out the diseased pulp using specialized instruments followed by sealing off the entire area after disinfection to prevent re-infection. This treatment saves the natural structure of your teeth.

You’ll Be Taken Care Of At Flagship Dental

As a trusted dental provider in Surrey and Langley for over four decades, we know what sets us apart. No emergency is too dire and no procedure is too small for our team. We want you to feel valued and taken care of when you step through our doors.

Our comprehensive approach to dental care aims to help our clients take care of their teeth. We don’t want to just help you in our dentist chair, but give you the tools you need to take care of your teeth long after you have left our office. We won’t let broken teeth disrupt your life.

Ready to See Us?

When it comes to broken teeth, seeking professional dental attention is essential. Prompt treatment from an experienced dental professional can provide instant pain relief, restore the functionality of your teeth, and strengthen the structure of a broken tooth. At Flagship Dental, we are with our patients during every step of their oral health journey.

If you want to learn more about our services or want to book your first appointment, we’d love to hear from you. Our team of professionals at Flagship Dental will work with you to give you a smile you’ll be proud to flash in the mirror. Book an appointment today.

Categories: Routine Services

by Flagship Dental


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