Curious About Getting Invisalign in Surrey?

If you’ve been wanting to achieve straighter teeth but don’t love the idea of traditional metal braces, Invisalign is a great option to consider. We have offered Invisalign as a dentist in the Surrey community for years and will outline everything you need to know. You can also book an appointment to discuss whether Invisalign would be an appropriate option for your needs.

Invisalign are clear, plastic aligners that you can pop on and off. Your Invisalign dentist will work with you to determine the specific length of time you will need to wear it for. But typically, we see patients wearing it for a period of around two weeks before swapping them out for a new set.

Aligners can be used to fix a variety of alignment issues, such as:

  • Teeth crowding
  • Gaps in your teeth
  • Underbites or overbites
  • Crooked teeth

What does an Invisalign treatment look like?

If you’re getting Invisalign in Surrey with the experienced professionals at Flagship Dental, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We’ll make sure the process is as easy and smooth as possible.

We will first assess whether you are a good candidate for clear aligners by examining previous x-rays and impressions of your teeth, and your dental history. If we need to take a new impression of your teeth before commencing treatment, our cutting edge technology will make that a painless experience. Our state-of-the-art 3D scanner allows us to take a digital and accurate impression of your teeth without having you bite down on a mucky mold.

Your Invisalign dentist will go over a unique treatment plan that will chart out the desired movements of your teeth. Your clear aligners are created to apply a specific amount of force to your teeth to nudge them in the right direction, based on the timeline of this plan. We will continue to check up on you regularly as you undergo treatment, monitoring the process of your teeth’s alignment and making sure that your aligners continue to fit you properly.

Benefits of Invisalign vs. Braces

Metal braces are often the first image that comes to mind when people think of methods for straightening their teeth, but advances in technology have made treatments like Invisalign just as effective, without the negative image. Here are some of the benefits of getting Invisalign over traditional braces:

  • Comfortable: Since clear aligners are removable and cover one whole section of your teeth, you are able to eat and drink anything without fear of items getting stuck in your aligners. There are certain foods you will be told to avoid eating with braces, as food can get trapped within the crevices of your braces.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Invisalign does live up to its name – these aligners are invisible and will blend in with your natural teeth, unlike the more prominent metal or plastic structure of braces.
  • Pain-free: Unlike braces, you won’t have to get your clear aligners tightened on a regular basis, which translates into a smoother and pain-free realignment experience for our patients.

Straightening your teeth shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience. Your Invisalign dentist at Flagship Dental will work with you to achieve a beautiful smile that you’ll be happy to flash at a camera in photos.

FAQs About Invisalign

Have any concerns about a visit with our Invisalign dentists? Here are some common questions we get asked about the procedure.

How long do I have to wear my trays for?

You should wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day. We recommend taking them off when you are eating or drinking.

How long does the treatment process take?

Of course this varies from patient to patient, but typically most of our patients wear aligners for about 6 months to a year.

Is it painful?

Your teeth are undergoing a major shift, and some discomfort or soreness during this process is normal. The good news is that Invisalign aligners usually cause less aching or soreness than traditional braces. You shouldn’t experience anything more than mild levels of discomfort. If you ever experience pain that is unmanageable, book an appointment to see us as soon as you can.

I currently have braces. Can I make the switch to Invisalign?

Possibly – there are some people who use a combination of braces and clear aligners to achieve their desired smile. Talk to your Invisalign dentist about the best treatment options for your needs.

Should I continue my regular cleaning schedule during my Invisalign treatment?

If you regularly get your teeth cleaned at Flagship Dental, your Invisalign dentist will recommend a cleaning schedule that best suits your needs. We want to regularly monitor the health of your teeth and gums during the treatment, so most patients come in for cleanings every 3 to 6 months.

A reminder that eating or drinking anything other than water while wearing your aligners can cause food to stick to your teeth as time goes on. Food or drinks can cause stains and can even lead to cavities if you don’t practice good oral hygiene. It is best to remove your aligners when eating or drinking, and to brush your teeth after every meal before popping them back on.

How do I clean my aligners?

Your aligners don’t require anything fancy –the best way to clean your aligners is by brushing and rinsing them in lukewarm water and using special cleaning tablets that will be provided by your dentist. To extend the longevity of your aligners, be sure to brush your teeth after each meal before you re-insert your aligners.

Is Invisalign as effective as braces?

As we’ve said before, every case is unique. Whether you decide to get braces or Invisalign in Surrey, you may not achieve your desired results at first. There can be fine tuning and adjustments made to your treatment plan throughout the way. Your dentist will provide recommendations for a treatment plan that is specific to your needs – and whether you opt to go with braces or clear aligners is ultimately determined by what is best for you.

Your dentist isn’t the only person that determines whether you’ll achieve the perfect smile. You have influence over the outcome of your teeth alignment too. By following your Invisalign dentist’s treatment plan and treating either your braces or aligners with the utmost care, you’ll start to see the results you’re looking for.

What happens once the Invisalign treatment is complete?

Once treatment is complete, your Invisalign dentist will likely recommend that you wear a retainer for a specified period of time. The retainer will prevent your teeth from naturally shifting back to the position they were in prior to treatment.

Why Choose Flagship Dental?

At Flagship Dental, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to dental care.

Every patient that walks through our doors receives individualized care and attention that is specific to their dental needs and lifestyle. We thoroughly assess and accurately diagnose you before you receive a checkup and hygiene schedule, or commit to a treatment process like Invisalign.

We want to work with you to achieve the smile of your dreams, and want to educate you on the journey of achieving your best oral health along the way. No procedure is too small and we are glad to address any questions or concerns you may have at any point during your time with us.


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Other Cosmetic dentistry Services

Looking for other services besides getting Invisalign? Our experienced cosmetic dentists offer several services that will help you achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re hoping to lighten years of food or coffee stains with teeth whitening, or rebuild your teeth with the help of porcelain crowns or veneers, we’re here for you.

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