All About Dentures

Dentures are removable artificial teeth that people wear when they have lost some or all of their teeth. They are designed to look very natural and fit comfortably in your mouth.

Dentures can come in full or partial sets. Patients that have lost all of their teeth wear full dentures that include an entire set of artificial teeth that fit over your gums. If a patient still has some of their teeth, they might wear partial dentures that fit their mouth and only fill in the empty spots where teeth are missing.

As you can imagine, in order for dentures to work properly, it’s important for them to be custom-fit to your mouth so you can look and feel your best. Flagship Dental’s modern technology allows us to create custom dentures to perfectly fit the shape of your mouth and give you your smile back.

Why Do People Get Dentures?

People typically get dentures because they have lost their teeth. Losing your teeth can deeply affect your confidence and your ability to function normally. Tasks like eating and speaking become much more difficult, and you may not feel like yourself.

Tooth decay is a common reason people lose their teeth. It happens to many of us as we get older, which is why dentures are often used by seniors. But the truth is that tooth loss and decay can affect people of all ages from drug use, severe gum disease or malnutrition. Physical trauma to your teeth and mouth can also cause them to fall out.

Dentures are the restorative solution to tooth loss. They’ll help you regain your confidence and get back to living life as normal.

Cost of Dentures in Surrey and Langley

The cost of your dentures will depend on a few factors, but on average will range from $1,100 – $2000 in B.C.

The actual cost will likely depend on how many teeth you are replacing, as well as how the denture attaches to your mouth. If you choose to attach them with a tooth implant, that can increase the price beyond this range.

You’ll want to contact your insurance company to determine how much of the cost they will assist with.

FAQs About Dentures

Many of our patients have questions about dentures. Here are some of the most common questions they’ve asked us and our answers.

How long will my dentures last?

You will likely need to replace your dentures after 5 years due to wear and tear. We’ll keep an eye on your dentures in routine appointments.

What are dentures made of?

Most dentures are made of hard resin. They aren’t not going to be as strong as real teeth, which is another good reason to take care of them to make them last as long as possible.

How long does it take to get dentures after your teeth are pulled?

You will typically need to wait 4-6 weeks after your teeth are extracted to be fitted for permanent dentures. In some cases, immediate dentures can be fabricated prior to extraction, and fitted the day of surgery. However, this type of treatment will require more follow up appointments and adjustments.

How many teeth do you need to have for dentures?

While there isn’t a minimum amount of teeth you need to have for dentures, we may recommend them if you have fewer than 20 natural teeth remaining.

How do I care for and maintain my dentures?

Just like real teeth, it’s important to take care of your dentures so they remain in good condition and to keep your mouth healthy.

Clean your dentures every day by soaking them and using a soft brush that’s specifically made for denture cleaning.

Whenever you aren’t wearing them, make sure you keep them moist. Many people will keep theirs in a cup filled with dental water or a denture cleanser solution. Never put them in hot water.

What Makes Us Different

Flagship Dental stands out as a quality dentist in Surrey and Langley. Our office is clean and welcoming, with friendly staff who care. Our commitment to using advanced technology allows us to achieve the best possible results.

Beyond the pleasant environment of our office, we value providing individualized care for each and every patient who visits us, regardless of their age or history. We look forward to getting to know you and learning about your past and current oral health, and what you’re hoping to achieve in the future. Whether that’s pain-free living or having a smile you love, we can help you achieve it.


Nothing makes us happier than knowing our patients are satisfied with our services. Here are just a few nice reviews left by our valued patients from Surrey and Langley over the years.

“Great dentist for a family. The staff is very kind and lighthearted and fun with kids. Dr. Turton is very knowledgeable, fast, and trustworthy. The integrity of Flagship is top shelf.”


“The reception staff, x-ray tech, dental hygienist, and doctor were all so friendly and thorough with my cleaning and examination. I highly recommend booking at this clinic for your dental appointment.”


“I’m thrilled to experience new Ultra-Modern Technology and professional craftsmanship, along with the same personal care standards of my former dentist, now retired.”


Other Restorative dentistry Services

Dentures are just one of the restorative solutions Flagship Dental offers. There are even more options to renew the health and appearance of your teeth and mouth.

True to our individualized approach to dental care, we do not believe that one-size-fits-all. Our modern technology allows us to completely customize your restorative solutions including dentures, crowns, implants, fillings and root canals. Many times, we can achieve these procedures in one same-day appointment.

Discover the other restorative services we offer to learn how they are different and the benefits of each. Together we’ll determine the best option for your unique needs.

Discover Denture Solutions at Flagship Dental

If you’ve lost your teeth, don’t lose hope. Restoring your smile starts with an appointment. Dentures could be the solution you need, and with our modern technology, we’ll design a perfectly fitting set of teeth just for you. Come visit us to discuss the best options and begin your journey to a better quality of life. We look forward to working with you!