Root Canal Therapy

All About Root Canals

Going to the dentist for a root canal can often cause anxiety or stress. While many associate the procedure with causing pain, it actually relieves it. If a root canal is a necessary next step for you, here is what you need to know to make sure your appointment goes smoothly.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Did you know that if the inside of your tooth gets infected, the only way to save it is through a root canal removing the diseased tissue? Root canals act as saviors for your teeth, as they will protect them from infection in the future.

Thanks to dental technology, root canals are now a routine and smoother procedure than the root canals of the past. Once we’ve determined that a root canal is the next course of action, your dentist will:

  • Create an opening at the top of your tooth to access the root
  • Remove any infected tissue, then disinfect the area of your mouth to kill any harmful bacteria.
  • Seal the hole back up with a temporary filling. We may recommend installing a crown in your mouth as a long-term solution down the road, since a tooth that has been treated with a root canal procedure can lose its strength.

    Cost of Root Canals in Surrey and Langley

    Prices for a root canal depend on a variety of factors, such as the extent of damage inflicted on the tooth and where the tooth is located in your mouth. A typical price range for a root canal in Surrey and Langley is around $600-$1,500 per tooth. The large price range per tooth is based on how many canals the tooth being worked on has – for example, the front teeth only have one, while a back tooth may have up to four.

    Your insurance provider may cover a portion of the cost, so be sure to check with your provider on whether they can cover all or part of your treatment. All of our services are charged according to the BC fee guide issued from BCDA.

    FAQs About Root Canal Therapy

    How do I know whether I need a root canal?

    Every person is unique and we will make sure to discuss any next steps for treatment with you. However, the most common signs that someone may need a root canal are when they have the following symptoms:

    • Severe pain when eating or when pressure is applied to a certain tooth
    • Experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain when eating hot or cold foods
    • A tooth has discolored or darkened significantly
    • Swelling or pimples are present on the gums

    Some people don’t experience any tooth pain but have signs of a tooth infection. It is best to get rid of the infection in your tooth pulp with a root canal, as not all infections can cause tooth pain.

    Does getting a root canal hurt?

    While you may have heard that the root canal procedure can hurt, thanks to modern technology, experiencing pain during this treatment is a thing of the past. You’ll likely experience more pain from a severe toothache caused by leaving a decaying tooth in your mouth rather than a root canal. The procedure is quick and seamless, and you won’t experience any more pain than if you were going to the dentist to have a cavity filled.

    How long does a root canal procedure take?

    A root canal can be done within one dental appointment and shouldn’t take longer than two hours. At Flagship Dental, we want your visit to be as efficient and comfortable as possible.

    What should I expect after a root canal?

    Your teeth may feel sensitive for a few days after the root canal. Any pain or discomfort you may experience can be managed by taking an over-the-counter medication like Advil. You should be able to resume your normal activities the day after the procedure.

    Try to avoid chewing in the area of the affected tooth until you have a permanent filling or crown in place. And as always, be sure to brush and floss regularly at home, and continue to see your dentist for regular checkups.

    What Makes Flagship Dental Different

    Since 1974, Flagship Dental has been a trusted dental provider serving both the communities of Surrey and Langley. We treat every patient that walks through our doors with care and respect. Everybody has unique and specific dental needs, and we want to help you look and feel your best.

    Kind words from our patients:

    We love hearing such kind words from our Surrey and Langley patients. Here are some of the lovely things our patients have shared with us over the years.

    “Excellent staff, friendly and knowledgeable, willing to take the time to offer sound advice on improving one’s dental hygiene at home!


    “Nestled in Cloverdale BC this practice is the hidden gem of Dental care. Staff are professional and knowledgeable & Dr T is skillful & pragmatic in determining & meeting your oral care goals & needs. Shout out to Mariah for doing all the heavy lifting with regards to dealing with benefit providers, 5 out of 5, would get teeth cleaned here again .”

    — COLLEEN V.

    “Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Efficient and thorough. Dr. T is very friendly and takes the time to discuss things. Highly recommend.”

    — ERIC P.

    Explore Other Restorative Dentistry Options

    Want to explore other ways to enhance your smile? There are several restorative dentistry options to help your teeth look their best while continuing to remain strong and healthy.

    From dental implants to custom-made porcelain bridges, we use the latest dental technology to craft restorative pieces that best suit your needs. There’s a reason why we are a trusted dental care provider serving the communities of Surrey and Langley. We want each of our patients to have the best experience possible during their appointments, and we’ll work with you to find the next steps to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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